Potato Gnocchi

Serves 2

600g maris piper (or similar floury) potato
1 egg yolk
100-150g 00 flour
semolina for sprinkling

Cook the potatoes, whole, unpeeled in water until a knife goes through with no resistance.

Drain, and while still warm, scrape the skins off with a small knife.

Push through a metal sieve into a bowl.

Turn out onto the work surface and pour over the egg.

As a reference, taste the potato so you know where you’ve started. Sprinkle over the 100g flour, and chop through using a palette knife or similar until all is incorporated. Don’t be tempted to knead the dough.

Once all incorporated taste the gnocchi – it should be tasting less like mashed potato and more like pasta. Depending on how you cooked the potato, it will likely take a touch more flour. Add little by little, chopping through each time and tasting until the flavour and texture is more pasta, less potato.

Bring together gently with your hands – do not knead. Shape gently into a ball.

Cut off pieces and roll into sausages of your desired size.

Cut the gnocchi using a sharp clean knife. Place each piece onto a tray sprinkled with semolina so it doesn’t stick.

Repeat with all the dough.

Bring a pan of well salted water up to the water (same saltiness as you would for pasta), add the gnocchi.

Cook until they float and serve immediately with your chosen sauce. Delight!