About Anthea


I’m a trained professional chef based in London with a love of wine and all things food!

Over the last 10 years I’ve worked in some incredible kitchens, most notably the Michelin starred River Cafe in London which has been my biggest influence. I’m all about seasonality and I generally love to cook everything…although I do have an insatiable sweet-tooth!

What excites me most is sharing my knowledge and enthusiasm with others. It just never gets old watching someones eyes light up when they create something which makes them proud, or when they have that ‘eureka moment’ when something they’ve found tricky finally falls into place.

I’m creating this space to create affinity and inspiration. Allowing people to meaningfully engage and interact, and really add value to the experiences they have in their own kitchens. Cooking shows are ten-a-penny, but I’m a big advocate of really connecting with people, especially when it comes to their passions.

We may all have to be apart at the moment, but we don’t have to be distant.

Join me at one of the cook-alongs, wine tasting socials or masterclasses with my amazing co-hosts Jess and Zoe!

Let’s laugh together and share something new!

p.s. you can read a bit more about me here back when I ran the kitchen at Polpetto for a few months amidst my time at The River Cafe: