New Horizons

WeCook is Live on Airbnb!

Today, Airbnb unveils a new curated collection of Online Cooking Experiences hosted by Michelin-starred and world-renowned chefs. This new collection of Cooking Experiences provides a peek behind the counter at the unique recipes and techniques of top-rated chefs—and guidance to whip-up a gastronomic storm in your very own kitchen.

I’ve been invited to be part of this, with 29 others, out of literally thousands of chefs all over the world doing this on Airbnb—I couldn’t be more thrilled!

It allows me so much more time to focus on developing the experiences, rather than spending 90% of the time managing Eventbrite and writing emails! It’s impossible to express how enthusiastic I am at the prospect of eliminating swathes of admin!! Incidentally, if anyone LOVES admin, get in touch….

Airbnb hasn’t quite worked out the logistics of how I will change my dishes yet…but in the meantime, I’ve gone for a dish that I love inspired by Anna Del Conte.

Super simple, pretty classy, delicious…a dish which really hammers home the importance of seasonality and good produce.

My Airbnb Online Experience page is here, keep checking back for developments!

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