The first Cook-Along!

Risotto round 2! This time a pea, asparagus mint and pancetta number (keeping it seasonal! It’s finally time for greeeeen!)…and, more importantly, cooking live with my fellow WeCooks in their kitchens!

I sent out the ingredients and equipment list beforehand so everyone had time to get to the shops without rushing, and could have everything set up.

2pm rolled around: mise en place ready, laptop and camera set up, I was ready as I’d ever be!

After a brief chat about what the plan for the session was, we began. I have to say, I was wildly apprehensive about how this would go. But actually, it worked really well! Everyone kept pace, and we all made it work with the variety of ingredients we were able to find. A few technical details to iron out to make it truly awesome, but all in all, it was a success. The group were, as always, heroes, and made some beautiful plates of food and learned about the intricacies of executing the perfect risotto.

One mother and daughter duo really stole the show for me because: love this. But everyone was simply great. A few people just watching and taking notes, others in full-on cook mode in the kitchen, jumping in with questions to ensure they got everything right. I’ve now a few regulars who are just fantastic and have been to 3+ of my 7 sessions, which is very exciting!

The lovely Zoe was making notes for feedback in the wings and the ebullient Jess was cooking along. Jess snapped a photo at the end just as I was closing the session with her plate in hand. Perfect lunch for our first sunny Saturday afternoon officially stuck indoors 🙂

We’ll be doing another one of these next week with a different dish (book here), and I don’t know about you, but I’m excited!

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