Courgettes, risottos…& courgette risotto!

I’m sure when I announced that the upcoming session last night was focused around the humble courgette, a few people’s brains glazed over. It’s not usually a vegetable which gets the heart rate up (is there one? Except artichokes for everyone now, obviously, as detailed below…).

Extolling the virtues of this glorious vegetable wasn’t actually that difficult because most of us love a courgette. We tend to do one and the same thing with it though: spiralize it (I’m now guilty of this too…raw with pesto!! Yes!), stir fry it, slice it for a salad, grate it into cakes, use to top pizzas, marinade/pickle it, grate it into pasta sauces, boil it and marinade it in herbs and olive oil, cut it up and add it to risottos, scoop it out and stuff it, batter and deep fry it as chips/part of a plated of deep fried battered mixed veg and or fish…wait, this is more than you probably do with it, right? Humm..

Anyway, I then shared the joy of the risotto. Why your sofrito (and what that is) is so important and how to nail it, what does the wine do anyway, does it really matter how much stock you add each time, and do you have to keep stirring it…etc.

Captive audience!

I made a courgette and basil risotto with mint, mascarpone and lemon zest. It was a great session, but I chose a weird plate for plating it up – fail. One of the crew doesn’t usually go for risotto, but said she was very much inspired to make one now…possibly a pea one. I recommended the soupy and seasonal Venetian Risi e Bisi. It’s (just about) pea season after all. Fairly confident she’ll nail it.

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