Off-The-Cuff Soufflés & Timekeeping…

Last night we had a strict deadline as we were all taking part in Clap for Carers at 8pm. This was actually great since it actually encouraged me to wrap up in good time and not get tempted to let the social festivities overrun!

Keeping with the egg-white theme I appear to have started, I braved showing the group how to make soufflés… a sometimes tricky enough task on its own, without navigating the dynamic of a video call and executing everything in one tiny corner the of the kitchen!

I also admitted to being guilty of doing just what I criticise contestants on Come Dine With Me of doing: “oh well I’ve never made this dish before, but I figured I’d give it a go tonight, on national television, for a competition – what could go wrong?”

Now I’ve made plenty of soufflés so that wasn’t the challenge, but I decided to try a very much off-the-cuff recipe for twice baked red pepper, courgette and basil soufflés with a cheese and wine sauce…very much hoping for the best!

The multiple cameras worked really well again, though still waiting on a better set-up to be delivered (pegged at end of the month at the moment…) and the soufflés were a success! Didn’t have the time to do the sauce on the call unfortunately, but we’re all 1 step closer to becoming soufflé masters!

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