Artichokes & Multiple Cameras!

“I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone so excited about artichokes…”

This was what my Mother said shortly after I finished last night’s call. Probably fair. I love an artichoke!

There was a great group online with me and I was trying a new method of using multiple cameras for different things: close ups, shots inside the pan whilst the magic of cooking occurred…etc. Worked really well! Genuinely felt like I was on some sort of Saturday morning cooking show!

All had seen an artichoke (one had even grown one!), and eaten them either as hearts in oil, on pizza or retro style of boiled whole with dip for the leaves, but none had ever prepared or cooked one.

Stuffed braised globe artichoke heart

Love that as a jumping-off dynamic! So much to share!

I had spiky artichokes and tema artichokes from Italy, and globe artichokes from the UK. From how to choose them, the delight of prepping them, through to finishing them 3 different ways:

  • Tema artichoke hearts pickled with Moscatel vinegar, mustard seeds, coriander seeds, thyme and garlic
  • Globe artichoke hearts braised in wine, thyme, parsley and stuffed and baked with herby breadcrumbs
  • Spiky artichoke hearts, raw, as a deliciously simple salad of lemon, parsley, olive oil and pecorino – can’t beat this classic.

By the end, the group all came to realise the joy and diversity of the artichoke. My infectious enthusiasm has ensured they will be a firm fixture on the groups shopping list going forwards…definitely! Who needs flour anyway??

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