Last night we trialled demonstrating a skill for the first time, I chose meringue because…who doesn’t love meringue!?

I got to give my Mother’s 40 year old Kenwood food-mixer (I swear this thing will outlive us all) a good run, and starting from the basics demonstrated all the way through to assembling little meringues.

Had loads of fun debunking all those myths and empowering the group to fearlessly tackle meringues head-first, without even a recipe.

I showed the group how to make rustic little melt-in-the-mouth pavlova style bites sprinkled with toasted hazelnuts (tip, sprinkle the nuts over the meringue before baking…yum!) because they were a HUGE hit as Christmas gifts last year. (Recipe to follow soon!)

Great success and everyone loved it, so I’ll now be working a dem into each session 🙂

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