The beginning…

The Launch of the Online Video Socials​!

I’m actually finding the prioritising of those panic-buying amongst us fascinating.

We, as a nation, don’t bake. Only 1/3 of us have baked a cake in the last year…..and actually, 1/3 of us haven’t baked in the past year….at all!

So the lack of flour on all supermarket shelves tells me something about us and all the food-related media we’ve been increasingly consuming: we’re ready to do something with it. Not the flour…but all this ‘inspiration’ we’ve been getting from the cooking shows and Instagram.

But we don’t know what.

**drum roll**

Cue: Online Video Cooking Socials!!

**puff of smoke, jazz hands**

So this idea has really started from the fact we’re all home now, cooking more, many of us with big ideas about what we’re going to have time to do, but the reality is quite different.

Endlessly browsing the internet for recipes which 1) actually work and 2) you have the ingredients for is as demoralising as it is boring.

Also, we’re just not going to suddenly start baking, most of us (except for banana bread….everyone is baking banana bread). But sharing over/around/about food is something we’ve been doing for centuries. Watching, copying, engaging, tailoring, experimenting… or just eating and being social! It’s something most of us really enjoy.

I’m hoping I’ll be able to encourage people to:

  1. Share recipes
  2. Learn techniques & skills 
  3. Have fun making things

Lots to work out, but I’m starting start a 2 week testing period to really get to the core of what we can offer which can give people who love food and cooking what they really need right now: an interactive resource to share with like-minded people.

Here goes! Wish me luck x

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